Anything we create must live in harmony with the world we’re in.

Today, about 95% of almost 25 billion pairs of shoes produced every year end up in the world’s landfills – a mass of waste that can’t be re-used because these shoes are simply not designed to be fully recyclable. And the greenhouse gases emitted to produce them are through the roof.

We can’t accept that’s just how it’s done. Not anymore.

We need new movements to replace old traditions that can no longer sustain us – or the planet. Through our work, we create a chic, timeless shoe, with sustainability designed into it – and waste designed out of it. The goal is for nothing to end up polluting nature.

Because sustainability needs to be the norm. Not the exception. And it starts with each one of us: when the responsibility gets personal, the impact becomes global.

We’re just one company. One movement toward a better world. When you walk a mile in these shoes, you take the movement forward. You make waves. And you inspire new movements.

Start your own.

Martin Evensen


Hi – I’m Martin, founder of New Movements. I’ve always had a huge fascination with shoes because my grandfather was a shoemaker in Norway, as was his father before him. I also have a deep love for our planet and a passion to preserve it. But it took me a near-death experience to figure out where I would go with all of this.

Meningococcal meningitis ravaged my body when I was 19. When I was in the hospital I didn’t even know if I would survive. (Spoiler alert: I did!) Four months laid up in bed gave me a lot of time to reflect on my life, the world and what I needed to contribute. I realized there was no time to waste.

I moved to the U.S. to study at the Academy of Art University. While there, I pitched an idea to develop a bag collection made out of old durable military tents. This resulted in thousands of people cruising the streets of San Francisco with old waste that was upcycled to create something beautiful and useful for everyone! That made me wonder… if I could design a bag this way, couldn’t I make shoes that are good for people and the planet?

That’s the moment I realized my ultimate design goal was to be circular: That is, to create products that could become something new when its lifetime was over.

As I traveled around the world to Europe, South Asia, and Latin America to learn the craft, I met many fascinating people, from small family suppliers to manufacturers, who all wanted to contribute to a future where business lives in harmony with the planet. It was a movement that had to begin with intentional, eco-conscious design that challenged all norms and convention.

I committed to that. And in the summer of 2017, New Movements was born.

Nils Krogstad Wiiburg


“I want our products to be produced with the lowest possible environmental footprint.”

Markus Sørgård Sekse

Finance Associate

“I genuinely believe that we can change the textile industry as a whole.”

Jeppe Schytte-Hansen

Chairman of the Board

“I want to be part of the movement that proves sustainable design, production and profitability can go hand-in-hand.”

Synne Sauar

R&D Project Coordinator

“We have the opportunity to impact an industry that needs to change.”

Chi Ha Tran

Client Success Manager

“I want to take part in the solution and change the linear fashion industry.”

Steve Tolo

Performance Marketing Manager

“Ethical and sustainable will be the new normal”

Lars Hvattum


“I want New Movements to have products that everyone can wear with a clear conscience.”

Tormod Noreng


“I want to use my skills for a good cause and help better the world.”

Eirik Ruiner

Graphic Designer

“I love shoes that don’t compromise the environment.”

Heninng Karwowski


"I joined this team because i love how New Movements creates products that push forward the development of the Circular economy."

Joakim Brur Johanessen


"I joined New Movements because of the team, company values and the overall goal of making a difference at the supplier level within shoe-fashion”


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