About New Movements

Founded in 2018 by visionary designer Martin Evensen, New Movements is a family-run brand based in Oslo, Norway.

Martin’s love for shoes is passed down from his grandfather and great-grandfather who were both shoemakers in Norway. After travelling the world researching the footwear industry, he set his mind to design a sneaker that connect the dots between premium quality, circular design, and ethical production.

The very first sneaker released by New Movements was the iconic double waved Original sneaker, made with recycled, organic, renewable materials, and responsibly produced in Europe. The Original received wide recognition, and was sold to more than 30 countries. This led to the design of “The Circular Collection” which featured several new models, including the signature “Allrounder” series.

New Movements shoes are created and worn by people making both small and big changes for the well-being of the planet. A unisex brand that goes beyond the traditional concept of fashion.

Connecting the dots and bridging the gaps.

Our ambition

Today, about 95% of almost 25 billion pairs of shoes produced every year
end up in the world’s landfills – a mass of waste that can’t be re-used
because these shoes are simply not designed to be fully recyclable.

Our end goal is a future where all the materials in your footwear can be
infinitely recycled, and no shoes will end up in landfills anymore.

By striving towards this goal we hope to inspire players in the footwear
industry as well as other industries to adopt a circular design philosophy.
In order to achieve this we put significant efforts into R&D related to
material technology, circular design and sustainable production methods.