Our story

New Movements is the result of an extraordinary passion for shoes, quality and the environment.

Our founder and designer, Martin Evensen, has always felt a deep fascination for fashion and footwear. His passion can be traced back to the heritage of his great grandfather and grandfather, who were both shoemakers.

The initial idea for New Movements was conceived back in 2014, when Martin was studying design and fashion merchandising in San Francisco. During an elective course on shoe design, he was inspired to create a circular alternative to the fast fashion industry. Four years later we finally launched our first shoe collection on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

The long term vision of New Movements is to inspire a circular design philosophy. Our first step on this journey is to co-create the perfect circular shoe.

Anything we create must live in harmony with the world we’re in.

Our ambition

We work towards making the world's most sustainable footwear, and inspire new movements that will rapidly improve the environmental impact of the fashion industry. This is a monumental task, and we are still early in our journey.

We always aim to maximize the use of organic, recycled and recyclable materials in our footwear. We continuously innovate together with our manufacturers and suppliers to increase the level of circularity across all our products.

Our shoes should generate the lowest environmental footprint, and contain the maximum amount of materials that can be infinitely reused. In order to achieve this we put significant efforts into R&D related to material technology, circular design and sustainable production methods.

Our end goal is a future where all the materials in your footwear can be infinitely recycled, and no shoes will end up in landfills anymore. By striving towards this goal we hope to inspire players in the footwear industry as well as other industries to adopt a circular design philosophy.

We’re just one company. One new movement toward a circular world. When you walk a mile in our shoes, you take the movement forward. You make waves. And you inspire...

Start your own circular movement.