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Kickstarter is a crowdfunding web where entrepreneurs publish their business projects to get money to be able to carry them out. Thanks to the contributions of friends, family, and followers they are able to start their project. People who financially contribute to the project are known as “sponsors” or “backers” and get products in return based on the pledge amount.

All shipments are traceable and assigned with a unique tracking number and sent as insured packaging. 

At New Movements, we strongly urge our backers to follow our sizing guide to ensure the right fit /size to avoid unnecessary returns of products from our warehouse and to the customer. At our Kickstarter campaign and on our survey, we strongly encouraged all backers to follow our sizing guide to ensure correct sizing.

Returns and exchange orders in e-commerce create a staggering amount of landfill waste and greenhouse gas emissions. We started New Movements with a vision to accelerate the transition to sustainable fashion - and from a sustainable point of view, free returns and exchange orders do not make sense at all. Because of this, we are not offering returns and exchange order as an included service, unless you are returning a faulty product.

We are not offering refunds for pledges made on Kickstarter because each product was been made on-demand and is considered a financial contribution to fund the project and the initial development, and manufacturing of the 02 Postpone collection.

If you want to return your order because of a faulty product, please take a photo of the error and describe the issue, and send an email to and we will organize a pick-up for the return shipment for you.

If you want to return your item(s) due to change of size or style, then you are required to return unwanted orders at your own expense, and then place a new order and we will refund the item(s) returned once we have registered your new order. You will receive a voucher that you can use at that will guarantee you the same price as the pledge you made on Kickstarter. Please note that shipping is not included in this price.

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