New Movements Sneakers and Fashion

Why you will like our shoes

It is the era of sneakers. Once reserved for athletics and weekend errands, the comfortable footwear staple has evolved into a staple that's now a mainstay. Sneakers exemplify fundamental adaptability. They go with nearly anything in your closet, smartening up your casual clothing while softening your more formal pieces. Aside from its utility, our low-cut shoe has a refined look that you won't find elsewhere.

Less is undoubtedly more these days. The next generation of sneakers moves away from the over-the-top styles that characterized the previous decade's appearances. Instead, people opt for simpler, everyday designs.

The Upper

We searched the EU to find materials that met our standards of super comfort, sustainability, and renewability. Whatever we could not find, we created our own. We have chosen a circular vegan upper and lining that is breathable, temperature-regulating, durable as well as renewable. Which makes it perfect for your feet and the planet.

The Outsole

80% Recycled Rubber

By using recycled rubber, we keep our soles reusable and out of landfills. Why is this so important? Soles containing mixtures of foam, plastic, textiles and other materials cannot be separated which is necessary for recycling and upcycling. In fact, this is the biggest reason most of the world’s shoes end up in landfills -including those that claim to be sustainable. With a mix of recycled and natural rubber, our soles are 100% recyclable by design

20% Natural Rubber

The best thing about natural rubber is that it can be recycled again and again - unlike synthetic that ends in landfills oceans or worse being burnt and emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Natural rubber is derived from the sap of trees so it is eco-friendly and has minimal impact on the environment during harvesting, manufacturing and recycling.



When it comes to the best white shoes for men and women, one can readily see and feel the drive toward simplicity. Brightly colored, boldly patterned, and adorned footwear will always have a demand. On the other hand, today’s fashion-conscious audience seeks shoes that can be worn from the office to the outdoors, from downtown tours to countryside excursions.

New Movements sneakers’ unisex styles are the perfect addition to almost every outfit made from the highest quality materials. Pair with dresses and skirts, trousers or shorts.

One of the things that accentuate the traditional flexibility of New Movements sneakers is that they may be worn by both men and women and look great on both. These are the only shoes that you can wear to seem masculine while yet looking feminine on a lady. And neither is it restricted to casual wear. Our sneakers are eye-catching enough to pair with an everyday outfit, and even for nights out on the town. They have even been seen on 17th of May (Norway’s national day) and on the wedding day of a celebrity bride or two.


Steve Tolo