Spring & Summer

Spring & Summer


What our customers say:


We discovered the store while in Oslo. We loved the design and the brand’s advocacy. Even met the founder Martin. We also had an interesting chat with Sigurd, who happily assisted us with the fitting. He deserves a raise for his patience and excellent customer service.

jo lim

Discovered their recently opened onsite store and fell in love with the style. You can really feel the quality of the shoes and their mission is on point. 10/10 reccommend.

Madis päev

We just visited the store in Oslo, and it was a great experience! The owner and employees were so kind and thoughtful to explain all the details of the shoe. My husband and I both ended up purchasing a pair. We are super happy with them!

Chelsea Knudson

was visiting oslo from usa and was lucky to meet Martin and his wife while they were closing shop, Martin took time to explain the design and the vision behind the allrounder; it is a favorite shoe to wear, versatile, comfortable and has impressed me in quality and design; looking forward to my next pair


The best shoes you can buy in Oslo! A real family store that values quality, sustainability, and beautiful design. I have used my shoes for five years, summer and winter, and they still look amazing!

(and of course the sandals for the hot summer days)

Henning K

4 years ago I bought Original pair via crowdfunding portal and it's still may favourite pair of shoes I have ever had. Amazing quality, comfort and durability. Now I bought 2nd which is as good previously. Looking forward purchasing 3rd pair (Classic sneakers) for the summer!

Germantas Gaurilcikas

I recently purchased their newest all-rounder, the Y model, and thay are the perfect pair of shoes for walking around town. These shoes provide exceptional comfort as well as allowing my feet good ventilation while keeping my feet warm.
I've been a loyal follower of this brand since its inception and have tried multiple of their shoes over the years. They never disappoint when it comes to both durability and style.Their latest offering, the Y model, is a Cinderella fit. Best shoes I've had in a long time Highly recommended!

Anders Bjerknes

Beautiful designer shoes. Nice employees/staff/owner. Valuable mission statement and vision that they translate into actual action. Super.

marjean Movrin

Visited the store 2 weeks ago. Got top customer service from Fabian, and a very nice pair of shoes. Bought a white model, very easy to wash. Had 4 shifts at work and no pain in my feet! The shoes have saved me🙏🏻

Luka Beuzelin
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