Out with the old, in with new movements

Ethical manufacturing

From the start of our journey we have been focused on finding the best production partners that are aligned with our core values. We have spent countless hours searching and vetting the optimal mix of suppliers. A key requirement is their ability to provide great working conditions and create a positive social environment for their employees.

When developing our first collection, we travelled all over the world to meet raw material manufacturers, garment suppliers and manufacturing plants. Most of them did not live up to our expectations. We finally found what we were looking for when we visited Portugal and Spain. Here we found factories that upheld high ethical standards, fair salary, and worker equality in accordance with strict EU-standards.

Circular materials

Every material and component in our shoes and sandals are carefully chosen to ensure minimal environmental footprint. We are always pushing towards a higher share of organic, recycled, and recyclable materials in our products.

There is a long way to go before we have perfected our production and reached the perfect mix of sustainable materials. We are constantly improving, and our journey towards full circularity is both challenging and rewarding


We are championing the use of circular materials that have previously not been readily available in the market. In order to fully succeed with our vision, we will have to continue further down to the atom level and create new technical textiles that do not yet exist.

In order to succeed we collaborate closely with leading institutions such as SINTEF, one of Europe's largest independent research organisations, on ambitious innovation projects within circular design, material technology and production.

The production team at our solar powered factory in Portugal.

Fair conditions for everyone

The workers at our manufacturing plants work 8 hour shifts from Monday to Friday. Overtime is only allowed with additional pay, and it is not possible to work more than two extra hours per day. On top of this, all workers have access to 22 vacation days per year. We frequently visit our suppliers to ensure that they are continuously living to up our expectations.

All our manufacturing plants are using renewable energy, and we actively influence our production partners to install solar panels.