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All our sneakers are made to be extremely comfortable, flexible and breathable.

The Allrounder family of sneakers are our flagship products, and the favorite with our customers.

Unless you're specifically looking for the ultra-minimalist aestetic of the Classic sneaker, or its more colorful sibling, the Cruiser, we can safely recommend the Allrounder.

We are however, confident you will be super happy with your New Movements shoes, no matter which model you choose.

If you need further assistance in choosing, please do not hesistate getting in touch with us and we'll figure it out together.


Once placed, orders can not be changed. If you wish to change the ordered size or color, place a new order and get in touch with us to cancel the first order.

To cancel, reach out to our customer service within 1 hour of placing order.



- Paypal Express Checkout
- Stripe (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Apple Pay)
- Vipps (Norway only)
- Klarna


We offer a selection of shipping to Norway customer at the moment:

- Postnord Mypack Collect (Carbon Compensated)
- Bring Home Delivery (Carbon Compensated)
- Bring PickUp (Carbon Compensated)

International shipping is unfortunately not available at the moment. We apologize for any inconveniece this may cause for our internatinal customers. We are hoping to be able to ship internatinally in the future.

Returns & refunds

Prefer to have your money back? You got it. From the day of delivery, you have 30 days to ask for a refund for your order. Return shipping is free and you will receive your refund within 14 business days of us receiving the return package.

If a product is returned in a non-sellable condition we can not offer a full refund.

Customers are responsible for returning their unwanted products in a new condition with its original packaging and labels. If you are returning a product with stains or dust, please make sure to clean them, so they appear as new before sending them back to our warehouse.

When returning, please do not stick shipping labels directly on to the shoe box, use additional wrapping for protection.

We process the refund to the original method of payment when the item(s) has been received and registered as in resellable/good condition at our warehouse.

All our products are subject to the purchase laws for 24 months’ right of complaint. As a customer, you can complain about defects in the item(s) that occurred within 24 months after the purchase. The warranty does not cover when faults and damages have occurred due to improper use, lack of maintenance, or general wear and tear. We do not request that you send your defect product with it’s original packaging.

1) Please prepare your return by putting your unwanted items in the same boxes (shoebox and parcel) as you received your order.

2) Submit your return request at to

3) A return label will be sent to your email address within 2 working days.

Product care & fit

Yes, both our leather shoes and vegan shoes will stretch adjust to your feet. Based on feedback from our customers, most people use 3-7 days to walk in new NM shoes to get a perfect fit.

If you are looking for a comfortable and relaxed fit with maximum stretch, you should consider the Allrounder and Originals models with strobel construction.

Our Classics and Cruisers models have cemented construction and stiffer leather. Therefore, these styles will not stretch as much as Originals and Allrounders.

Whilst our shoes are not 100% waterproof, our Original and Classic models not featuring airholes are very water-resistant. We are confident to say that the Originals and Classics can endure Norwegian weather all year round!

Our vegan leather is pretty much a waterproof material, but due to stitching and opening around the shoe tongue, we cannot claim that the shoe is waterproof.

Our leather shoes are water-resistant if regularly treated with proper shoe care (cleaning and leather balm) and water replant spray.

Both our leather and vegan leather have breathable properties. To achieve the best breathing quality when wearing your New Movements shoes, we recommend wearing thin wool socks.

Our most breathing models are the Allrounder and the Cruiser because of their air holes in the upper material.

That being said, on a hot summer day, we definitely recommend wearing our super comfy sandals!

Regularly cleaning will help keep your New Movements sneakers looking (and feeling) great for a long time.

A simple 4-step guide for cleaning leather shoes: 

Equipment needed: 
-Shoe brush (preferably made with natural bristles)
-Cleaning brush
-Micro-fiber cloth (the one you buy at your local grocery store is more than good enough) 
-Leather balm 
-Shoe protection spray

Step 1 - Brushing
Loosen the dirt with a soft shoe brush, preferably made of natural bristles for kindness to the leather and improved lathering.

Step 2 - Cleaning
With a damp microfiber cloth, clean away the remaining dust and lint from the leather and sole. Be gentle on the leather, though you can be tough on the rubber sole. This will remove stains :)

Step 3 - Apply leather balm and shoe cream:
Condition the leather with leather balm and let dry for 20 minutes. This will recover color and hide scuffs and scratches. Apply shoe cream with your fingers to sense where the leather is dry. For colored leather shoes, you can use colored shoe cream found at specialized shoe stores. 

Step 4 - Apply repellent spray:
Finish the applied lotion or cream with a clean t-shirt cloth. This will make the leather repellent.
Optional: Protect the shoe with a repellent spray. We recommend a spray without silicone.

And... woilá you are done :)

Equipment needed: 
-Shoe brush
-Micro-fiber cloth (the one you buy at your local grocery store is more than good enough). 

Step 1 - Brush
Loosen the dirt with a soft shoe brush. 

Step 2 - Clean
Soak microfiber cloth with warm soapy water, twist it, and clean away the remaining dust and lint from the leather and sole. To remove stains, rub the microfiber cloth a little extra on areas where it's necessary. This can be done on both the upper material and the rubber sole. Continue until you get a satisfactory result. 

And... woilá you are done :)

Can they be machine washed?
While our vegan shoes may survive a round in the washing machine, we do not recommend doing so. The best thing is to wash your shoes by hand as described above.

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