Introducing the Allrounder sneaker

What if your next pair of sneakers were made from recycled materials? And were also recyclable? We are proud to present the Allrounder, the world's most circular shoe.

Sneakers are simple to put on: slip them on, lace them up if required (though unlaced sneaks have a certain roguish allure), and go. First, however, you must evaluate whether your shoes are acceptable for your outfit: it will not do if your shoes and outfit are opposed! Except for the most formal clothing, these circular sneakers will suit nicely with anything. 


The Allrounder is versatile. 

A few details on the pair mean less hassle than matching them with your work attire or a casual fit. Minimalist shoes, particularly those with a straight profile, have profundity, reduce the silliness to a minimum, and keep you comfortable and stylish.

Our goal is to serve you with cool sneakers and clothing you'll want to wear for years while continuing to:

  • Become a zero-waste brand by using bio-based and recycled materials.
  • Fight for fair work conditions, producing only in certified factories
  • Clean up the ocean.

The Allrounder is easy to wear.

We pay particular attention to comfort: one thing for shoes to look elegant, but we want you to look smart in the morning and feel good on your soles throughout the day. When picking the most circular shoes for men, one must keep his well-being in mind.

Allrounders unisex

The Allrounder is more than a sneaker.

This sneaker is designed in Oslo, Norway, by our founder & designer, Martin Evensen. We use an entirely European supply chain to cut carbon emissions from long travels and ensure ethical working conditions. Our eco-conscious approach to design produces shoes of superior quality and durability. We empower conscious consumers to buy quality over quantity (the only true answer to sustainability). We imbue every stage of our sneaker-making process with this sustainable spirit, from designing to curating materials responsibly to shipping and giving back to the environment. Being better for the planet is our priority, and the Allrounder is the embodiment of this concept.

New Movements is more than just another shoe company; it is a company that cares about the well-being of its employees – both us as creators and the individuals who proudly wear their completed goods.


Steve Tolo