Norwegian Sneaker

What's so special about it? Glad you asked!

Hi! Quality.

The upper shoe is made from high quality, supple leather to give this all-premium material sneaker the longevity it deserves.

Long lasting, and so comfortable you'll be looking forward to letting it out of the closet.

Time wool tell.

The inside is lined with soft and warm wool, to keep you dry, warm and comfortable all through the chilly and wet seasons.

Take our word on it, we norwegians really do know winter!

Protection is key.

We've reinforced the shoe with rubber protection all around, to keep you dry and warm - rain, hail or shine.

The signature wave design makes it instantly recognizable as New Movements. That's a flex, right?

Signed, sealed, delivered.

Seals between the tongue and the body of the shoe stops moisture from seeping in, and heat from seeping out.

You can't really see it, but it makes all the difference.

Switch it up.

An extra set of laces (in a different color) is included in the box. The metal eyelets makes swapping laces a breeze.

We prefer laces because velcro is a rip-off.

Made for the planet

Every part of our shoe is recyclable, sustainably sourced and responsibly produced.

Walk in style knowing you've made a positive choice.

Free shipping and returns

Get your New Movements sneakers delivered fast and carbon neutral with Posten.

Recycling program

Recycle your worn out shoes with our Circular Program, and we'll re-use the materials to make new shoes.

And you get a discount on a new pair. Everybody wins!