An update from our founder and designer

Dear NM friends,

It has been more than a year since our last blog post, so I wanted to share a personal update on how it is going with New Movements. But first, I want to express my deepest gratitude to all of you who have supported us since our humble beginnings. It truly means the world to both me and our team. 

We started New Movements in 2018 with a vision to inspire a circular design philosophy. Our first step on this journey is to co-create the perfect circular shoe. We are still in the early beginning towards reaching this goal, but we are confidently moving in the right direction. After several years of careful design and continuous improvements, we are starting to see the results of all the hard work we have invested into this project.

We are on a journey to design the perfect circular shoe

The last 10 months we have focused on venturing into retail stores in our home city in Oslo, Norway. Our focus on circular design is a message that is reasonating with many potential partners. We are already available in some of the most popular fashion and shoe stores in Oslo, including Dapper Oslo, HøyerAgnar Hagen, and (very soon) Lille Vinkel. Every day, more people are discovering New Movements at these stores, and embarking on the circular journey together with us. 

Our lovely friends at Dapper Oslo

New Movements is spreading awareness about the circular design philosophy, and carefully building a company built on strong core values that serves both our earth and humanity. We are therefore prioritising to be at arenas where we can interact with local business leaders, and inspire them to join us in creating new circular movements.

At one of these events we were selected by the organisers to join them to the "Retail´s Big Show", a massive yearly event in New York. We look forward to this trip, as we can use it as an opportunity to inspire retail leaders in the US to adopt the circular design philosophy.

A proud moment for the whole New Movements team

Going forward, we have many more exciting announcements to share with you. By the end of October we will launch new fall / winter versions of the popular Allrounder, as well as a new model called the "The Norwegian Sneaker".

New models for fall / winter (coming soon)

On top of this, we are currently co-designing a new circular trainer from the ground up, together with one of the world´s leading shoe designers. This project is also done in collaboration with SINTEF, one of Europe's largest independent research organisations.

I look forward to share more frequent updates in the coming months about these developments.

Until then, I wish you all the best.

Martin Evensen
Founder and Designer
New Movements