Opening our first store in Oslo

It's the subtle changes in the wind that first get your attention. You might notice them while riding your bike to work in the morning or in the evening when the orange sun starts to set.

The smell is different and there's a new crispness to the atmosphere. September has arrived with promises of a reaping autumn season. 

At least that's how it feels for us at New Movements: after many months of working behind the scenes, we finally got to unveil our warm and veneer-covered space in the heart of Oslo at Steen & Strøm Department store. 

"The opening of our first store at Steen and Strøm is an emotional and proud moment for all of us at New Movements. The store is the result of meticulous planning and construction together with our family and partners, representing our dedication to quality materials and fashion with a positive impact. Since the beginning, we've aimed to create products that consider the planet without compromising on style" - Martin Evensen, founder and designer. 

The big day was celebrated with a launch party for friends and family, which we like to thank for all the support!



What we'll be wearing this fall

... and with a new season, new shoe needs can also occur. Hello, Allrounder Y and the Norwegian Sneaker!

At the moment we're unboxing our fall and winter models, improved and colored in new hues. Some of them have already found their way to the shelves, and we wish to invite you to try them on. Perhaps you’ll find a new favorite? 


Visit us on the 1st floor next to Mulberry, in Nedre Slottsgate 8. We're open from 10-19 on weekdays and 10-18 on Saturdays.

Take care and speak soon,
Martin Evensen and the team at New Movements